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Quick tip: Running Spybot From CommandLine

Here is a quick Tip.

For a command-line junkie like me, this is a geeky fun way to scan your system with spybot with CMD, with few easy parameters. For a spyware only version of the scan I used this parameters:
“C:\Program Files\Spybot – Search &
Destroy\SpybotSD.exe” /taskbarhide /autoclose /autocheck /autofix /onlyspyware

For a list of other available parameters, (from Spybot website):

  • /taskbarhide
    Runs Spybot-S&D completely hidden (no window, no taskbar icon), so make absolutely sure you use it only in combination with /autoclose (otherwise it would remain in memory sitting idle). Useful only in combination with /autocheck, /autoupdate or /autoimmunize, as it cannot be controlled when completely invisible.
  • /minimized
    Starts the window minimized.
  • /uninstall
    Uninstalls Spybot-S&D. This command line parameter is very outdated – unins000.exe should be used instead!
  • /blinduser
    Starts with support for blind users (special menus).
  • /autoupdate
    Does an update after starting the program.
  • /autocheck
    Starts scanning immediately.
  • /autofix
    Fixes problems after scan.
  • /autoclose
    Closes program after it has scanned or updated.
  • /autoimmunize
    Runs the immunization at program start.
  • /onlyspyware
    Fixes only spyware (red) entries with /autofix, leaving all usage tracks as they are.
  • /easymode
    Starts with easier interface for beginners.
  • /createenglish
    Updates the English.sbl language file with the newest texts; useful only for translators.
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