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Happy Words Windows 7 Ad Leaves Us Wondering

Microsoft ads always garner a lot of attention. With the spotlight shining directly upon the übercool Windows 7 right now, one can be sure that any new Windows ads will get a lot of attention. But do the ads cast Windows 7 in the most favorable light?

You’ve probably seen it. She’s undeniably cute, and her name is Kylie. The ad opens with Kylie introducing herself and declaring that she found “these happy words aaaall over my dad’s computer.” Kind of an odd beginning, but we continue to watch. The “seven, seven, seven, seven” which follows, depicts Kylie’s little finger smudging down the laptop screen to point out all the wonderful reviews that Windows 7 has received. “Happy words need happy pictures,” so Kylie decides to make a slideshow.

As Kylie’s little finger goes up to punch the return button on the keyboard a heart-stopping pound of drum obliterates the soft celesta and classical guitar melody into history. Now, an adrenalin-rushing brass ensemble backed by electric guitar riffs begins to blare, accompanying a slideshow featuring unicorns, kitty-cats, pigs in bowties, smiley-face flowers, butterflies, hearts, marshmallows, hat-wearing mice, fluffy white clouds in blue skies, and yellow roses. The ad closes with Kylie saying “I’m a PC and more happy is coming.”

The outpouring of responses to the ad in comment logs and blogs do not exactly fall into the category of “happy words,” so we’re not going to include them in this article. Suffice it to say that the response was not quite in tune with the warm-and-fuzzy feeling that marshmallows and kitty-cats were intended to illicit. Instead, the ad produced exactly the kind of mock material that Mac-users needed to make themselves feel better about the not-so-happy release of Snow Leopard recently.

The only positive thing about the ad is that it is not a direct attack on Mac. Windows did overkill on that technique, and got more mileage out of it than any response-ad legally should have gotten. Ok, and Mac kind of went a bit too far as well. But is this really the kind of ad introducing the best and brightest of all operating systems since the beginning of time?

One commenter summed up the sentiment pretty well when he remarked: “This is a joke, right? I mean, this can’t be an actual ad that a company paid money for and will air in public? How embarrassing.” Well, the ad does say that “more happy is coming,” and thankfully, we love Microsoft in spite of this ad.

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